It just seems to happen that way.

The list of things that can fall under this category is unending, or so it seems. Like children growing up in a blink of an eye. Summer going by faster than any other time of year. Time off never lasts long enough. Are you getting the idea?

This is one summer that I wish would last a bit longer. Yes, it has almost everything to do with my dear daughter going away for school. Yet there’s more to it than that alone. It also means that I only have two more school years with darling daughter #2 and four more years with my son. I’m quickly working myself out of a job that at one time seemed like would go on forever. Right before my eyes, are amazing human beings growing up and becoming young adults.

I enjoy the conference season I work for Lamplighter and seeing old friends and making new ones. The working three weekends in a row makes for a busy July, but I love it! I enjoy the travel and time with my girls as they attend with me. Walking through the doors after being gone is the wonderful reminder that there is nothing like coming home.

The time with friends during the summer months are some of the most carefree and precious. Funny stories and jokes, silly phrases we carry with us for the rest of the year are all part of the memories. After a night like tonight, when we were doing something as simple as watching a movie outside under the stars and singing along, I offer up a prayer of thanks. It’s a prayer of gratitude that God would surround me with so many people to share life with. I am once again reminded that I am indeed blessed. That, however, just didn’t happen that way…gifts are given purposely and with intent. I will not take them for granted. I adore each blessing.


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