True story

So my dear friend Amanda and I were finally getting a bit of time together tonight after what has seem months.  As I left, I said goodbye to my men and off I went. I wasn’t very far down the street when Bert called me and asked me to come back. He said since I was going to be across the street from the Costco, could I just go ahead and get the tires put on my car. He had been trying to get around to it for weeks but our extremely busy schedule hadn’t allowed for it. It only made sense this time for me to do it. I was a bit surprised he was having me go do it alone, but I was fine with it if he was.

Let me explain that last sentence: my dear husband takes care of all things automotive for me and I like it like that. Most of the time, he even goes and does the gas for me. I like the male/female roles and fortunately for me, he likes taking care of his family. Can I do these things for myself? Yes, but I’d rather not.  When I was much younger and thought I had to prove something or anything, I’d not accept the help or offers, but age mellows you…it’s a beautiful thing.

So after perusing Barnes and Nobles, we went back to get my car. The young, and I do mean in age, man pulls my car out. I’m asking if everything is all good, and comment that I was surprised that my husband had sent me to do this and I hope I wasn’t missing anything. This young and naive young man starts to say how “I should know how to do these things” and “independent women” and “men and women are the same/equal”.  Oh poor thing, didn’t know he was talking to two highly opinionated and willing to share their thoughts women in the San Gabriel Valley. But no worries, I set him straight. I said, “oh no, this is a man’s job.” As he looked at me as though I was completely crazy, I continued…”can you give birth, breast feed, have your period once a month, and go through menopause?” Then I looked to see a lady across the parking lot nearly peeing her pants as she listened to me. He attempted a rebuttal, but ten minutes (a.k.a. Amanda) piped in with, “dude, we are stay at home homeschooling moms.” I think he almost exploded on the spot.We started to get into the pros/cons of the topic, but we climbed in the car with our bellies begging for dinner to be on our way.

I finished with, “young man, I’m sorry, but I’m 41 years old, and I can have an answer for anything you can throw at me. And he said the only correct thing he could say, ” you don’t look 41.”


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  1. learningandyearning
    Aug 24, 2011 @ 04:39:45

    Nice save, young man.


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