When all your plans go out the window…

A line from a favorite movie: “I don’t want to not make plans with you, I want to make plans with you.”

Plans, maybe a better word is ideas or intentions. Let’s face it, too much is out of your control anyway. Everything from the weather to the government to well frankly, other people. But who am I kidding, I’m a plan maker by nature. I think the bigger lesson I am learning is to realize I had better not place all my hopes on those plans.

I read on a blog post recently points about parenting myths, this one stuck with me: parenting isn’t a balancing act, it’s a dance. Well, hallelujah!!! Because I have not figured out how to balance it all yet which explains why the house needs dusting and the floors need washing and, oh, don’t get me started. If you really want the list, ask my family. I’m sure they can tell you all I’m not doing or need to get to. Seems like I can plan on getting to those things, but something else gets in the way.  So they seem more like nice ideas.

I’m happy to admit that I’m glad when I let a Disney Day get in the way of cleaning house or doing laundry. I’ll even admit to choosing quilting over housework, well, over a lot of things. I try to choose people over housework or the typical must-do’s. I figure the dirt will come back, but time with people can’t be redeemed.

I thought our school year would go differently, but it didn’t. It happened, just not the way I planned.
I thought I could raise perfect kids, but their human and sinful just like their momma.
I planned on saying I do and being blissfully happy all the days of my life, but he married me instead of a saint.
I planned on changing or making a committed effort in areas of my life and others would notice, but they don’t.
I thought we were headed for financial independence, but alas, the economy had its say.

I spent too much of my young adult years running ahead of God, and then expected Him to bless my plans. I think I just keep dancing behind Him instead.


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